Première THE TRIP Release 32 - Sportcentrum Ursus

Première THE TRIP release 32

Wil jij als een van de eersten de nieuwste TRIP fietsen? Geef je dan nu op voor de premiere op 11 maart!

Leden van URSUS kunnen zich aanmelden via de MyWellness app. Ben je nog niet lid, stuur dan een mail naar om je op te geven.


We glide in on the wind and then the party starts. One World. Three Parts.

Part one is light-filled and lush which provides us with a wonderful sense of space and freedom.
Surrounded by ethereal architecture, billowing PACE fabrics, and some time in the clouds. It’s energizing and refreshing.

Part Two is dry yet colorful and teaming with life. We move in and out of O A S I S and discover all it has to offer. Part Three is dark and deep. The vibe here is the opposite of what we encountered earlier in the workout however it’s just as engaging, and the beats keep us driving the intensity.

The time spent transporting between the different Parts is not to be underestimated. Challenging tunnels of smooth rolling jumps lure us deeper into our experience.


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